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Arabian and Morgan Crosses

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Our training program promotes horses with gentle natures and healthy minds. The combination of imprint training at birth and natural horsemanship methods allows us to offer Arabians and Morgan Crosses that are not only easy to handle and train, but also a pleasure to have as companions. The beauty our Arabians derive from their Egyptian lines is an added bonus.

We offer the progeny of such great Arabian foundation sires as: Shaikh al Badi, TheEgyptianPrince, Moniet el Sharaf, and The Minstril. We crossed these bloodlines to our own gorgeous black bay son of The Minstril, Ali Uri, as well as IIWP Solstar, our son of three times Top Ten Scottsdale and US Futurity Stallion Explodent!

We offer the fabulous Morgan bloodlines of Brunk and Old Vermont, as well as WWF and Government.

If one picture says a million words, imagine what a video would say. We encourage you to discuss your interests with us so that we can send you a video of our offerings which can best meet your needs. As you can see, our horses are moving fast (no pun intended; well, perhaps a little intent) so be sure to contact us right away if you are looking for that special friend and see a horse on the sales page that interests you, or even if you don't see exactly what you are looking for. At times we have horses that come up for sale that are not yet on our web site or know of some offered by others.

(IIWP Solstar (x Explodent) x AK Sharaza

(x Shaikh Al Badi) )

Everyone's favorite, this 18 month old Egyptian-related gelding has the looks of his beautiful dam Sharaza and charm to steal your heart. Imprint trained at birth, he is comfortable being handled and loves to be with people. One of our most intelligent foals, Ruahh is eager to learn, remarkably confident, and very athletic. A grandson of Shaikh Al Badi and of Explodent, with the lines of Barbary and Khemosabi, he shows great potential for the show ring, or for just having fun on the trail as a wonderful family horse. This colt is available right now at $2000, but his value will soar when he continues to mature to the "prince" that he is. (negotiable)
Click on his picture for his pedigree.

Look at that hock action! With the *Bask bloodlines of his dam, it should come as no surprise. At 4 years old, this handsome chestnut gelding is a real sweetheart with lots of potential. Imprint trained at birth, he is easy to handle and very fond of people. A great grandson of TheEgyptianPrince, his sire's impressive bloodlines coupled with those of his dam give him a beautiful head, correct conformation, and exceptional athletic ability. This guy can really catch some air with his trot! And if you want to see extension, look at his picture on his pedigree! Offered to you at $2500 during our herd reduction sale.
Click on his picture for his pedigree.
 el Kabadi
Jaleel El Kabadi
Moniet El Kabadi x IIWP Black Beauty (*Bask lineage)

Beauty and tremendous action are found in this very special mare! At 14.3h., her impressive conformation coupled with her loving heart would make her an exceptional family horse. Her 22 years gives her the maturity to excel as a solid trail horse--no silliness here! Remember, with Arabians, 20 is like 40 to us, and I know I was just getting warmed up at 40! She has many trails left in her. Her exceptional pedigree and conformation would also make her a donor for an embryo transplant for those who want to preserve these precious bloodlines. Offered to the right home for $2,000 (neg).
Click on her picture for her pedigree.
Bint Monaaroufa
TheEgyptianPrince x Monaaroufa
(x *Ibn Moniet el Nefous)

Ali Uri x Nour Bint Shaikh (x
Shaikh Al Badi)

Look at this extension!! And if you want to see hock action, look at his pedigree! This 5 year old gelding has an exotic head, bold trot, and lots of type. A grandson of The Minstril and of Shaikh Al Badi, he demonstrates all the pizzazz of his bloodlines. Bursting with energy, this boy loves to jump and race the others in our rugged terrain. He will make someone an excellent eventing/endurance prospect due to his exceptional athletic bloodlines, substance and conformation. His dam Nour Bint Shaikh is truly breathtaking to behold. She has that exceptional beauty depicted in portraits of the desert Arabian. Always the first to come up and nuzzle visitors to the ranch, Uri-ka is now offered at $2500 during our herd reduction sale. (negotiable)
Click on his picture for his pedigree.

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